About Us!

omegaWe are committed to providing quality treatment for all equines. One of our main goals is to educate horse owners about optimal conditions for their beloved friends. In doing so, we regularly attend trade rallies, grant newspaper interviews and participate in public speaking events to create a higher awareness of equine care. In fact, we are so passionate about this cause that we have been approached on numerous occasions to speak at congressional hearings to help enact or reinforce legislation aimed at preventing inhumane equine practices around the country.

We strive to find nurturing homes for every horse, pony, mule or donkey that comes into contact with us. That is why we look to like-minded individuals for financial assistance to continue our rescue efforts and also rehabilitate healthy horses for a second chance at leading productive lives. It is only through private donations, foster care programs, community outreach and volunteered time that we are able to continue these goals.

We have been actively involved with horse rescue since the early 1980s but did not become a non-profit organization until 1997. Kelly Young, Director of the Rescue, has witnessed firsthand the atrocities that equines all too often endure.  Today, with more than 100 horses annually going through our gates we are well on the way toward creating a better existence for equines everywhere. Not all of our horses are victims of abuse and neglect, or are aged and unhealthy. Many animals are donated to the Rescue by owners no longer able to provide appropriate care for their animals and want them to have a good home.

Included on the farm’s ever-shrinking acreage is a 15-stall horse bank barn, conference building, pony barn, office area and corn crib. Approximately 10 volunteers handle the weekly chores required to take care of all the animals.

Omega Horse Rescue could not operate without the dedicated members of our board of directors.

Kelly Smith is not only the heart and soul of Omega Horse Rescue, but she' also our Executive Director.

Omega Horse Rescue is 100% volunteer run. Without our dedicated volunteers we couldn't as many horses as we do.

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