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Comments From Happy Adoptive Horse Owners


JJ Ė From The Amish to Amazing

In July 2012, once again Kelly went to the New Holland auction on her mission to save some lucky horses. She happened across a confused, but calm standardbred. An amish family brought him there because they didnít want him anymore. His life had already been an adventure, from the racetrack (Pacer) to pulling an amish buggy through Lancaster County, PA. If JJ only knew what was in store for him as he stood there in that kill pen. 

His kind eye and gentle heart grabbed the attention of Kelly. She immediately took action to get him out of the kill pen. I saw the postings and pictures and JJ grabbed my heart right away. I phoned Kelly that evening and told her I wanted to save him. On July 28, 2012, I drove to Omega Horse Rescue and brought him home. His feet were sore from ill-fitting shoes and thrush, but he recovered quickly. 

Late in August 2012, I rode him for the first time. He just stood there quietly as I tacked him up and climbed on him, no fuss, no issues, just quiet as can be. You really canít beat the mind of a Standy ! He is great on trails, roads, anywhere, bareback, dogs, nothing rattles him. 

In November 2012, my good friend, Theone Andrew, showed me how to harness and drive him for our first time. It was very emotional for me, I stood there and cried as I watched. To see him trot with such grace, knowing his job, doing what he had done all his life, thinking how quickly his life could have ended had Kelly not stepped in. 

JJ is truly a lucky horse, he and his story has touched many. We are so fortunate to have such a noble animal. 

---Lisa and Bob DeLauder

UPDATE:  The girl that has been riding Griffin was eventing him this season and did great! They qualified for the American Eventing Championships down in Georgia and came back victorious. He is now the #5 Beginner Novice Competitor in the country and the highest pointed pony from the entire event!! I attached a picture with his Mark Phillip's High Point Pony award (yes I did buy the picture but I haven't gotten it in the mail, I can try and send you one without the copyright on it when I receive it). Karen O'Connor's groom said that they needed him since he performed so well. Several people were astonished that he was a rescue pony! He is doing spectacular, hope to send you more updates soon!

Jenna Elliott



UPDATE:  Posie is amazing. I have taken other ponies and horses in the past, and Posie was the most relaxed and well behaved one ever. She was champion in confirmation, champion in hunt seat equitation, and champion in hunter (against all the large ponies and horses).  I had alot of people come over to ask about the Resuce. People were amazed that a little more than a year ago, Posie was in a slaughter pen. I think Cierra got 8 first place ribbons (lost track), and won a really nice padded leather halter and lead and a brand new english bridle. Posie never got upset about anything and was quite comfortable with everything. The judge told Cierra she was one of the fanciest ponies she had ever seen. Again, thank you so much for allowing us to borrow the banner. I hope it helps the rescue to gain more donations and get more people to adopt from you.
Have a great weekend-
Meredith, Cierra and Posie 


2010 Achievements

  • Champion Green Pony Hunter of Harford Horse Shows Association for the year ending 2010 and Recipient of The Foxfire Perpetual Trophy

  • Champion Green Pony Hunter at the Elkridge Harford Hunt Club Show 2010 and recipient of the Green Pony Hunter Perpetual Trophy

  • High Point Pony at the Elkridge Harford Hunt Club Show 2010 and recipient of the Helen W. Roberts Memorial Trophy

  • Champion Green Pony Hunter at the York Country Day School and recipient of commemorative pewter platter

  • MD State Fair 2010-Champion Confirmation (Mare) for Junior/Intermediate 4H

  • MD State Fair 2010-Champion Large Pony/Horse Hunter for Junior/Intermediate 4H (1st place in all her over fences classes)

  • MD State Fair 2010-Champion Hunt Seat Equitation with Cierra Hovermill for Junior/Intermediate 4H (1st place in all her classes)

Toby's (My Lucky Legend) accomplishments for this year (2010) are:

At the regional 4-H show they placed 3rd in the Hunter Hack Horses and 2nd in Equitation on the Flat Senior which qualified them for the State 4-H Horse Show in Harrisburg.

Bucks County 4-H:
2nd- Grooming and Showmanship
1st- Hunter Hack Horses
1st- Equitation on the Flat Senior
3rd- Hunter Undersaddle- Horses
1st- Dressage Training Level Test 2 (70%)

Hunterdon County II "A" rated show
1st- Pre-Children's Equitation Flat-Horse
3rd- Pre-Children's Equitation Over fences-Horse
3rd- Pre-Children's Equitation Over fences-Horse

Brie is an amazing horse and I am so happy with her. She has put on a little weight and looks amazing. I have her working with a trainer twice a week and she is so good under the saddle. We did take her out on a trail ride and she did great until she saw a herd of mules. She was so scared of them. All was well we got her back to her barn and she was fine. I remember you had a mule at the rescue , so I donít know why she thinks they are so scary. I just love her!!!!!! She has her best friend Magic and the two of them are quite the herd bound mares. I may still have to consider a third but am very happy with the two of them. She has seen the farrier twice and her hooves look good. She also has seen the vet twice (just checkups) and she is again doing great. Again, I hope you are well and thank you so much for this lovely girl.

Best Wishes,

Lori Mills



No words can describe how thankful I am for letting me adopt Griffin! He is absolutely wonderful. He hasn't put a foot wrong in his life. I couldn't ask for a better first pony! You name it, he'll do it. Every year we have competed he has won the TMF Jumper Series, which was exciting! He's great in the jumpers, but the hunters are his thing! Almost every time he would win the class in the hunter trials, always at the 3'! This past fall we won the Elkridge Harford Hunt Club Master's Class! We jumped a hunt cup fence and a fence line, and never even thought about peeking at a fence. I still can't believe how far he has come. He's taught me so much throughout the years - whether riding bareback without a bridle or jumping around a jumper course. Wherever I go, people are stunned when I tell him he is from the rescue. I am so blessed to have him in my life and he'll always have a forever home. 

Thanks Again,
Jenna Elliott

Here are pictures of Hannah and Fits. She's a totally different horse! She's doing great, filled out, and jumping around 2'6" in the ring and out on the xc course! These are from a lesson.

Jenna Elliott

UPDATE:  Posie (Pocket Full of Posies) is currently number one in the point standings for green pony hunter in Harford Horse Shows and has won numerous championships. She is also currently 4th and moving up in the standings for large pony hunter. I have included some recent pictures of her. Again, we thank you so much for such a wonderful, once in a lifetime pony. Also, she was also pictured in this past months Equiery Magazine.


Just wanted to let you know Posie (Pocket Full of Posies) is doing wonderful. My daughter, Cierra, has taken her fox hunting this past winter and she was wonderful. She also took her to the opening show of the Mill Series, and won all her jumping classes. Furthermore, Posie and Cierra were reserve Green Pony Champion at this past weekends Harford Horse Show. Everyone loves Posie and Posie loves everyone as well. She is such a special pony and I just wanted to thank you again for making our daughters dream come true. 

The Hovermill Family and Posie 

Here are some great photos of Doc.  He is now being leased by a young student of the woman who adopted him, Erin.  They were champion in beginner hunter at their first show together a few weeks ago.  They love him. Erin is a nice young woman with a huge heart for rescue.  

Kelly H.

Kelly, I can't thank you enough for letting me adopt Conrad.  He is an amazing horse with so much talent and an even bigger heart.  He is one of the sweetest most gentle horses I have ever been around.  He has gone from winning in the jumper ring to being ridden by a 6 year old in lead line at the same show.  He's just that smart and level headed.   He is a joy to be around and ride.

People are always surprised when I tell them Conrad is from rescue.  He is a great example of the type of horse you can get through a Rescue.  With time, patience and love they are all capable of great things.

Conrad has taught me so much about horses and life.  He has truly been a blessing in my life. 

Kelly Hudyman

Hope all is well. Just a quick note to update you on Ferris's progress. Keeley and Ferris are together all the time. They have learned so much together and their hard work as a team is really starting to shine through. At the NJ State qualifying show a few weeks ago they received a blue and a Danish score of excellent in the Pleasure Pony class, and yesterday at another state qualifying show they received a blue and a Danish score of excellent in Pony Hunter Hack. It seems Ferris is always ready for a ride with Keeley, but it seems as though he loves the shows and wants to step it up and show off in front of the other horses. We will keep you posted on their progress and always keep lfhr. in our thoughts. Thanks for all you do.
        Sincerely, The Titus Family


Tommy is so happy.  He calls now and is the first one up to greet you in the pasture.  He loves apples and pears.  While on vacation, my friend Kate rode him.  Attached is a picture of them.  Also, I have a picture of him snoozing in the pasture.

I will keep in touch!


“(Frosty) Mudpie and I are doing great together. She is just right and fits in perfect around here. We have fun and I’m glad I got her.”

Thank you,
Megan Cole

ďHi Kelly,  here are a couple of pics of Keegan.  He is doing great!!  Now that fall is here,  it seems he likes to be out on the trails with a few of his friends riding together.  It was good to see you at the horse show. Ē

Andrea  Ommert

“Hi Kelly, here’s a photo of Boomer (Champ)….He and Nikki have become joined at the hip! The cutest thing is that Boomer loves her so much he actually puts his head and neck around her for a hugs. Thank you again for such a wonderful horse! I’m sure he’ll be a part of our family for the rest of his life.”

Barbara and Nichole Baker  

…(Darling Delilah) is doing great! The girls joined U.S.P.C. and Stephanie, my youngest, took her to the games rally where they placed second in Horse Management with a third place win overall. Delilah seems to love games and did great. Katie, the oldest, is taking her to the jumping rally I’m sure she will do great again. DeeDee (as we’ve come to call her, for Darling Delilah) loves to jump, especially cross country. She is a very well-rounded pony and we still could not be happier with her. Thank you for bringing such a beloved member of our family to us. We can’t imagine being without her!”

Cathy Meadowcroft

Dear Kelly,
Adopting Delilah was the best decision we could have made. We adopted her to give my oldest daughter Katie an immediate mount, knowing she would have to work with her, and one that my youngest Stephanie could "grow" in to. To our delight the amount of "work" she needed was more of the love and attention type with consistant work and they were both able to start showing her almost immediately. In 2002 we started out with low key shows where she finished the year as the 2002 Mini-Short Stirrup Champion with my youngest and 2002 Reserve Champion Hunter with my oldest. In 2003 we joined United States Pony Club and Steph and Delilah proved to be a great games team winning 3rd place games and 2nd place horse management. The following year Steph and Delilah earned their Short Stirrup Blue Merit and won the 2004 H.H.S.A. Short Stirrup Perpetual Trophy. So far this year Stephanie and Delilah have been Long Stirrup Champion,  have earned their Blue Merit, and qualified for the 2005 Long Stirrup Medal. Katie and Delilah have been Modified Hunter Reserve Champion and are competing on the John Carroll Equestrian Team and have earned their Varsity Letter.
I can't say enough how much Delilah means to us and how thankful we are to have her.
Cathy Meadowcroft
Hi Kelly,
Just thought I'd share the good news. Stephanie and Delilah won the HHSA Short Stirrup Perpetual Trophy for 2004. What an awesome job they did!! Thanks again.
Cathy Meadowcroft

Hi Kelly,

Delilah and the girls are having another great year. Stephanie and Delilah were Short Stirrup Reserve Champions at the most recent H.H.S.A. horse show. Katie has done a fantastic job working with the two of them. Now that Steph has Blue Merited, it will be Katie's turn to be able to show more. I look forward to the day when we have the space of our own or the resources to be able to adopt another.

Thanks again!



“I hope all is well at the Rescue. Abe and I are doing great! He has come a LONG way this year. He has just blossomed in his training and is a completely different horse under saddle now. My trainers love him…He has done wonderfully showing this year… We’ve worked very hard to where we are today. Abe (a.k.a., Mr. Lincoln) is one of the best things to ever happen to me!”

Jessica Bortner

Hey Kelly,

I just wanted to send these digital pics of Abe jumping Prelim fences!  We went schooling at Frying Pan Park two weeks ago, and he was jumping all of the Prelim stuff.

We've been doing recognized events all summer.  He did Novice at the beginning of the summer, and now he's doing Training level.  He's done two so far.  He's schooling Prelim stuff on the side.  The goal is to have him competing at Prelim by the middle of next season.  We'll see how it goes.
He loves to jump, and he has scope to spare. He looks great.

Hope all is well!



“…As you can hopefully see from the attached photos, (Orchid) continues to be a knockout. She has a ‘catch-your-breath head and face with a gorgeous neck…Her trail skills last year earned her a blue ribbon, something I thought I’d never see with her…I very much believe in what you are doing and would like to help.”

Lee Smith Osina  

"Just an update on the beautiful Gabby! We just had medal finals today and she was awesome! She toted my butt around and we (mainly her) got a fourth. This is her second year of horse showing and we have been doing the Jr. and Green hunters, which she has been amazing at. She is such a wonderful horse! She jumps everything and has a great lead change. She can just go around the hunter hack classes on the buckle!"

Thanks again,



"My name is Amy Wheeler, and I adopted "Calvin" (a.k.a. Black & Gold) a while ago, and would like to give you an update. Cal's doing sooo well! He's my buddy! When I'm sad, all I have to do is go out to the barn and ride, and he cheers me up with his silly games and hilarious personality. He's very happy at his new home, WestWynd Farms, and I'm pretty sure he's happy with his owner! :-) 

Thank you so much."  

From: "Elisabeth Mering"

To: "Kelly"

Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 

Hi Ms. Kelly,

 Player (Double Jeff) horse showed last weekend and I got pictures back so I thought I would send you one. :) He was very good!! :) but anyway :) hope you like the picture!! :)



Hi Kelly, Thank you SO MUCH for letting me adopt Admiral! He is such a treasure. Already we know he is sweet, kind, mellow and gentle. He was a dream to trailer. When we got to Linda's farm (which, by the way, she has named "Leap of Faith Farm"), he walked off the trailer with no problem. And this was in the dark, in an unfamiliar place and with big gusts of wind. And a crowd of new friends waiting to meet him!

He calmly walked back to the barn and pasture area. We let him out in the pasture with another horse of Linda's named Dexter. Dexter gets along with everyone, and apparently, so does Admiral. We thought Dexter could help Admiral settle in and feel at home. They sniffed noses, then Admiral walked around the pasture and checked things out. He looked at the barn and stalls, the run-in shelter, the trees, the water troughs, and then came to say hello to everyone. He is so adorable and friendly! He then at some grain and looked happy as a lark.

I cannot tell you how much he is mending my heart from the loss of my beloved mare, Barbie. I think Barbie would approve of Admiral and of my adopting him. I have many people who want to see Admiral in person or by photo. My 20-month-old baby will love him, and I believe the feeling will be returned by Admiral.

We met your husband, who was kind enough to help us out. And one of your sons, who was so cute, said to me, "I don't think Admiral likes it when you say he's adorable. He'd rather you say he's big and strong. And I think you should call him Big John or something like that." Kids are so perceptive, aren't they?

Anyway, though Big John is a good suggestion, we're going to keep the name Admiral, as he really acts like one. Calm and confident. And wise. What a life he's led!

So, thank you again, Kelly. Sorry we missed meeting you today. Perhaps another time. In fact, both Linda, the girls and I loved all the horses, especially Onyx. Linda took one look at her and said, "This horse needs me." So when after Onyx delivers her baby and becomes ready for adoption, you may have a new mom again in Linda.

We will send you photos of Admiral in his new home and with his new mom and family and friends. And of course we'll keep you updated. Thank you, Kelly. And god bless you and your family.

Judy Julian  

I thought you would like an update on Penn. He is doing great. We ride him and love him! He is the sweetest horse. New Bolton saved him, and Bobbi Mendenhall nursed him back to this beautiful state of health. Thanks.

Kate Goodman  

Hi Kelly,   This is Becky. My mom and I just wanted to let you know that CJ is doing GREAT!!!  He and Dandy are still the best best of friends.   CJ and I entered our first show 2 weeks ago and we did awesome.  Considering that it was my and i am thinking his first show as well.  We got 2nd and 3rd in two of our jumping classes out of 15 other horses in both classes.  We then stayed to watch Dandy's last class and CJ fell fast asleep under the tree next to the ring.  He was sooooo tired.  We got back to the barn and he had dinner and then went right to sleep in the corner of his stall where he always sleeps.  Megan's mom got some pictures of CJ and me warming up for the jumping classes.  We will get doubles and send some to you.  He is becoming a very nice jumper.  In the lessons we were testing to see just how high I could show him over fences.  We found he can jump 3ft easily.  We might show him in a 3 ft fence class as soon as we find one.  He is a great jumper.   Thanks soooo much for letting me take him home to love him forever. ~Becky~  

So far we love Sara Lee ("Angel Wings"). She came three days before my birthday, so if things continue to go well, she will wind up being my birthday gift to myself! "Belle" is also happy, loved and doing well in our "happy little program." Could you possibly send me a picture of Justice. I have never seen him. And all the kids (and me also) always wonder about him when I tell them "Belle's" story. A huge thank you if you could and a bigger than you for a ll the wonderful work you and Tracy do!

P.S. The pains on Sara Lee are water washable and please note we only use a blue saddle pad on "Belle" to match her eyes.  


Confetti - Slaughter rescue 

Calypso 6/5/04

First Place - Novice D Polo Rally   

Dorie - Slaughter rescue  



  Wherever he goes, LJ is a superstar and a sweetheart. After he found a home with me at Tranquillity Manor Farm in Maryland, we campaigned the local shows, where we won plenty of blue in both the hunter and equitation divisions. We also made it to Pony Club Nationals for Show Jumping, where our team took the championship.  LJ has come with me to Duke, and has given many riders in our home Intercollegiate Horse Show Association show a ride to first place. He also makes an annual trip to the Duke quad, for which he was featured with a full page spread in the yearbook. He's famous campus-wide!

Beyond his many adventures, the best thing about LJ is his big heart, which has stolen mine. He loves to nuzzle puppies and little girls, and is always looking for ways to be playful. He'll jump the moon andback while barely breaking a sweat, or wander down to the river to splash around on a long rein, bareback. I couldn't have asked for a better horse or friend.

Read the Full Story - click here



Squall Watch & Susan Shetzline-Smith - August 8, 2004

Coopersburg Equestrian Center, Coopersburg, PA, riding Training Level Test 3.

HI! Kelly -- Here are two photos of Squiggy from the LVDA Spring Fields Schooling Show on Sunday that the photographer took.




There is always some a good horse can do regardless of any handicap. I ran into so many people when I first brought Ms JJ home that told me she wasn't going to be good for anything. I even had a Vet tell me to put her down because she could be dangerous. Ms JJ has become a good friend and a blessing, and even when she being a stinker I still love her dearly and have a lot of fun. We both have learned a lot from one another-- I wouldn't trade her for anything. (Ms. JJ is totally blind and was rescued from slaughter.)

Tim and Ms JJ


Dear Kelly and Tracy,
Just to let you know, Bear (Chay Robear) continues to do well at Newcastle Farm. He is proving to be a sane, reasonable horse who is a pleasure to deal with and to ride, and he is a brave little trail horse who deals exceptionally well with crossing water, killer deer popping out of the bushes suddenly, and all those kinds of things. So, so far things are going well and I will send a really nice picture of him with some more details in a little bit.

Thank you, again, for letting me adopt this guy.
Beverly Plunkett  


Summer Special - Summer, 2005   

Hi Kelly,
I thought I'd share some pictures of Wheatie's first fox hunt. Thanks to you for picking him out and Barb's great training. He was a star. He galloped quietly along with the hounds ( I am a Whip) and jumped the coops without a lead. In fact the other members of the staff went around the jumps!  As I hope you can see, he is happy and enjoying his life. Two members of the hunt asked where I found such a wonderful horse. Hopefully, they will contact you and be as lucky as I am. Hildy is also doing great things. My daughter. Carol, is away at college, but rides when she can. This summer, Hildy and Carol will be out and about at the horse shows with Barb.
I hope you like the pictures!
Mary Ann