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Trainers and Colleagues Discuss Their Involvement 


Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Kish, and American Saddlebred (pictured below), is the first horse we adopted from Omega. At that time, he was a starved, lame former Amish cart horse, discarded at the auction and sold for slaughter. In the nearly seven years that he's lived with us, he's become a terrific teacher. Gentle enough for beginners, Kish is challenging enough to teach those who want to learn. Kish has fox hunted with the  Beaufort Hunt, where he's certainly be among the happiest horses on the planet. We're so happy to have him and to have him be so happy!


Russell Williams of Hanover Shoe Farms (Hanover, PA) has been personally affiliated with the Rescue for seven years while the farm has provided temporary foster care for horses during the last four years. We offer a limited amount of foster care for animals that cannot be placed elsewhere. Sometimes it’s on a permanent basis, but others Kelly calls to say an adoptive family has been found.

“Some of the horses have come to us in distressingly poor condition and it just makes you wonder why anyone would wait so long to do something for these beautiful creatures. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy working with the Rescue, because they truly understand how to communicate with equines and determine whether there are any problems that can be easily rectified.”



Louise Serio, a nationally recognized horse trainer, first encountered the Rescue during the 2000 Pennsylvania National Horse Show. At our level of competition, you really don’t think twice about the negative aspects of what can happen to a horse since more than 90% are well taken care of through retirement,” Serio said. "After getting to know Kelly and seeing their genuine concern for all animals, I’ve sent them many referrals.”


A former student helped acquaint Holly Gilmore of Tranquillity Manor Farms with Kelly Young several years ago. As an instructional facility, we have many horses that have been part of the farm for up to 20 years,” Gilmore said. I really like the idea of providing much needed TLC for our retired horses, not to mention giving some a chance at individualized attention since they can no longer be used for schooling on a regular basis. Between the farm and our boarders, we’ve adopted more than 20 horses already."



Cindy Gilbert of Harvest View Stables (Manheim, PA) has a wonderful working relationship with the Rescue. We’ve been dealing with them for nearly seven years and have adopted many horses for our various riding programs here at the stables.

“The horses have been a wonderful fit from the onset and several of our boarders also have horses from the Rescue. I have so much respect for their efforts with the horses and know that many people here appreciate the fact that their horses have been given a second chance at life,” Gilbert said.