Adoption Process

Adopt or Foster a Horse

Omega Horse Rescue adopts to those that reside in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virgina and areas of New York and Virginia within 5 hours of Aireville, PA.

It is our goal to place horses into “forever” homes where they will be wanted and cared for properly for the rest of their lives. We strive to find the perfect horse for your lifestyle, home and your heart.  Omega Horse Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption applications for whatever reason. Horses are shown by appointment only with an approved application.

Adoption Process

By adopting a horse from this Rescue, you agree to provide the animal with a caring, loving home, or return the horse to the Rescue in the event the horse needs to be placed in a new home.

Adopters cannot breed, race or resell any equine adopted from Omega Horse Rescue. 

Omega Horse Rescue retains legal ownership of every equine that comes to the rescue, for the rest of its life. This “Protective Ownership” stipulation allows us to legally reclaim a horse if at any time it is found to be in an unsatisfactory situation, and place it in a more suitable environment. This “tough love” rule may seem extreme, but it is intended to ensure the best possible adoption outcome for both horses and adopters.

1. Fill out adoption application  (make sure references know we are going to call)
2. Once contacted send pictures of barn and fencing
3. Once approved, visit can be scheduled
4. Pay adoption fee
Note: Average riding horse adoption fees are $2000-$3500. Adoption fee is based on the horses capabilities and the investment that has been put into them. Companion horse adoption fee is variable but usually less.

Each horse has: coggins, vaccines with boosters, full medical evaluation,  riding evaluation, +/-dental, +/- professional training

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Dr Nikki 


We love our Foster Farms!

Typically, foster farmilies will cover routine care including farrier, hay/feed and routine care.

If veterinary care exceeds $500, then Omega Horse Rescue will be responsible. 

Fostering gives a horse that is in need of rehabilitation time to return to health. Most commonly these are horses that need weight, foot care, or just a mental break. Our foster horses are not usually ready to be ridden. They are looking for time to heal from whatever traumatic situation they came from.

All foster care expenses including the training of foster care horses is tax deductible.  Please keep receipts.