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THE SNOWMAN RESCUE FUND supports Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, which gives other slaughter bound horses the same chance that Snowman had to become a part of a loving family.
Omega rescues slaughter bound horses from the New Holland Auction, the same auction where Harry deLeyer rescued Snowman in 1956.
The film making team of HARRY & SNOWMAN visited the New Holland Auction, as well as the barn of the kill buyer. What they saw was unimaginable, so they started
THE SNOWMAN RESCUE FUND that day by rescuing three horses. Two of those horses went on to be adopted and the third had injuries too severe and was humanely euthanized. 

Please help to continue to make these rescues happen by making a monthly donation to Omega. Any amount helps, no matter how small. $8 buys a bale of hay, $14 buys a bag of grain, and $50 pay for a horse to have their hooves trimmed. Rescue is a team effort and Omega Horse Rescue has an amazing team, you!

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