Success Stories


Ranger was one of your trailer accident rescues.

He is doing GREAT!!  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND AM SO VERY, VERY THANKFUL  FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS TO SAVE THIS GUY!  He and I have been working  with a trainer for about 7 months now and we seem to be a great team.   He loves to trail ride and fears little.  Couldn't ask for a better  friend.  Please do come visit him when you're in the Carlisle area.   Thanks so much again for all you do!


Sparkles is doing very well. Teeth were floated, good fecal count results and she taped out at 1000 lbs. She still needs to gain more  but I think it's coming. Can't wait for better weather to start giving  her a little exercise. Her & Rachel are now buds choosing to eat  from the same hay pile. Pls thank Kelly for saving such a beautiful  soul.

Hope (Formerly Grace)

She went on her first solo out of the ring ride. She missed her new friends some but was brave and compliant in the windy cold evening. Her shoes come off tomorrow so we'll see how that all goes for her being  barefoot.

She has adjusted great and has already learned to stand at the gate when a car comes to the barn to beg for treats. She surprisingly made very fast best friends with our typically meanie pants heard leader, they are all getting along great.