Success Stories



I adopted DJ, an 18 year "young" Standardbred gelding, from Omega one  year ago.  This horse is amazing!  He is super sweet and loves  attention.   He always tries to please and will venture into new  territory when asked.  I couldn't ask for a better equine buddy!    Thanks, Omega folks for your heartfelt compassion toward the animals  you "rescue" and for the time spent in whatever avenue of rehabilitation  each animal needs to make them ready for their new homes.  I've  attached a few pictures of my boy ❤️



Michaela is one of our favorite stories. She came severely neglected and was rehabbed and put into training. She was adopted by a loving family and is starting to shine in the show ring with her young rider!



Fanny came to the rescue extremely underweight but her personality made up for her appearance. She was adopted as a trail horse but turns out she is quite successful in the show ring as well!